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Our Girls

Bernese Mountain Dogs & Australian Shepherds

The Bernese Mountain Dog is an extremely loyal, intelligent, and loving family dog. Sizing ranges between 50-90+ lbs for females, and their thick, silky coats are classically tri-coloured. Bernese Mountain Dogs are very people orientated and get along with the entire family. Their size may be intimidating, but they are huge love-bugs at heart.



Bernedoodles somehow take the best qualities from both the poodle and the bernese and combines them into one Amazing puppy. Their temperaments are typically very well balanced with great energy levels and trainability. Bernedoodles come in a variety of sizes and colours, but at silver lining doodles we typically breed both black & brown tri-colours, phantoms, and merles. To see what puppies we have had previously, visit the past puppies tab!



Poodles are extremely elegant, intelligent, and agile! Not only are they fantastic sporting and companion dogs, they are absolutely gorgeous and typically allergy-friendly. Poodles range in size from toy to royal standards-- At Silver Lining we typically produce mini poodles with tri-colour and phantom coats.

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