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Coat Types & Colours

Bernedoodles not only come in a variety of sizes, they also range in coat type and colour! Coat types can be split into 4 separate categories:


Curly coated Bernedoodles are the highest maintenance of the 4 types, but this coat type is the best option for people with moderate allergies due to the lack of shedding. Curly coats are still very plush, and it looks absolutely adorable... especially when blown-out and groomed! Usually we will see curly puppies in F1b generations and onwards, but sometimes we get curly F1s as well. Curly coated dogs require daily brushing/combing, and professional grooming every 4-6 weeks depending on how well you take care of the coat at home!


Wavy coats (or "fleece" coats) are very soft to the touch and are usually less maintenance than curly coats. While daily brushing/combing is still recommended and advised, professional grooming can be as often as 6-8 weeks (again, this is dependent on if you take care of your pup at home)! These puppies are much less likely to shed than a straight coat or unfurnished, but are recommended for people with minor or no allergies as shedding amount can not be guaranteed.*

*Generally from what I have heard from previous Silver Lining families, their wavy coated puppies either do not shed or shed little amounts! It is still important to take the unpredictability into account when choosing your puppy if you are prone to reacting to dogs. Please also take into consideration and research whether you are sensitive to dog saliva as well, which will cause reactions regardless of coat type!


Straight coats, also known as weak furnishings (usually only seen in F1 generations), is when puppies are born looking flat coated but as they age they develop furnishings and a thicker, curlier coat. Generally between 6 months to 1 year is when the most drastic coat changes are seen. These puppies generally shed lightly to moderately, so they are not recommended for people with allergies. They are less likely to knot and mat compared to a wavy or curly coated puppy. Daily brushing is still recommended!


Unfurnished puppies (generally F2+ generations) are puppies that are born flat coated, and stay that way! These Bernedoodles are uniquely gorgeous in their own way, and typically keep their coat colours into adulthood better than furnished puppies. Unfurnished puppies will typically shed moderately, and are not recommended for people with allergies.

Coat Colours & Patterns


The 'classic' Bernedoodle look! Black tri-colours consist of a black base with phantom/tan points, and extensive white markings that usually cover the face, chest, and paws.


AN ABSOLUTELY STUNNING ALTERNATIVE TO THE TRADITIONAL TRI-COLOUR! Brown tri-colours have a luscious chocolate base coat, with phantom/tan points and white markings. 


Phantom puppies are absolutely gorgeous and exactly like the tri-colours, just with less white! This coat consists of a black or brown base with phantom/tan points, and possibly minimal white spotting.