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About Us

Silver Lining Doodles consists of an extremely passionate and ethical breeder who works hard at raising puppies to make fantastic additions to people and families. Our mission is to breed the Ultimate Companion Dog.

While other dogs may be bred for show, sport or service, Silver Lining Bernedoodles are bred and raised with the goal of being a well balanced family dog that is not only loveable and affectionate, but also intellectual, trainable, and loyal! We are working hard to develop our 'Ultimate Companion Dog' program by selectively breeding the best tempered dogs, and keeping back even better puppies! This is a intricate and long-term project, but I am extremely excited for our future. 

All of our dogs and puppies are raised in-house, and are all individually loved and cared for by either myself directly, or an approved guardian home.

I am dedicated to breeding the highest quality of puppies by focusing on excellent health and fantastic temperaments. All of our puppies are raised as part of our family so they can make a great addition to yours!

Our puppies leave for their furever homes well loved, vet checked, de-wormed on a bi-weekly schedule, up to date on age appropriate vaccinations, micro-chipped, and fully weaned onto a high quality vet recommended food. 

We take our dogs' health very seriously; We are always prepared to provide any and all necessary care for our dogs and puppies prior to leaving for their new home.

All of our breeding dogs are health tested through Embark for over 190+ genetic diseases, as well as OFA (or Pennhip) tested for hips, elbows, heart, eyes, and patellas to ensure we are providing you with a healthy life-long friend.


To give you extra peace of mind, our puppies go home with an extensive 2 year health guarantee against hip/elbow dysplasia and genetic disorders.


Puppies Raised the Right Way


From the moment our puppies arrive, they are welcomed into a safe and loving environment inside of our home and are provided with the best care throughout their time with us. 

Our puppies are raised as part of the family with incorporations of both Puppy Culture and #badassbreeder protocols, which is a training and socialization tool to help raise well-rounded pups!

Learn more: Badass Breeders | Puppy Culture


These tools are fantastic aids in ensuring litters are sent home well balanced, confident, and ready to love!


Throughout your pup's time with us, they receive a ton of one on one interaction with myself and family, as well as the other pets in the house! (Our Mini Aussie x Fable, Winter, and the two cats Nugget and Noodle.) Having calm and productive interactions with "unfamiliar" animals is important for the puppies to experience when they are young to show them that there is nothing to fear. These positive interactions help significantly if you already have a pet and are bringing home a new puppy!


Through positive encouragement and support the puppies are introduced to a variety of experiences from birth to 8 weeks:


- ENS exercises. 

- Exposure to new/unexpected simulated noises (virtual fireworks/car starting/kids playing, etc).

- Introduction to Grooming (bath, high velocity blow dry, brush, nails, clippers).

- Getting them used to touch and handling of the paws, ears, head, legs, etc; as well as being picked up, carried, and put down.

- Car Exposure 1-2 times a week from 6 weeks old.

- Litter/Spot trained, which establishes a clear difference in potty area to sleeping/home area; this is a great tool to help transition into house training when your puppy comes home!

- Well loved and more! A happy puppy is one who has been raised with love. I put as much time, effort, and care as I can into each puppy to allow them to have the best start in life they can. Our puppies are loved on constantly; Be sure to watch our Instagram stories when we have a litter to see the puppies day by day!

What Sets Us Apart?

At Silver Lining, our puppies not only go home well loved and well prepared to make a fantastic addition to your family, they also include these amazing extras!

Health Guarantee:  An extensive 2 year health guarantee that covers non-environmental hip and elbow dysplasia, as well as genetic disorders to give you peace of mind as your puppy grows!

Insurance: 30 days of free pet insurance through Trupanion:  The first month of puppy ownership is when accidents are most likely to happen! Having insurance for your puppy will make sure they are protected in case of an emergency. While we advise continuing coverage after the 30 days, it is not mandatory.

Vet Checked, Vaccinated, and De-Wormed: We want our puppies to leave our home as healthy as can be! To do our best to ensure that, our puppies are vet checked and receive their first set of vaccinations against distemper, parvovirus, adenovirus, and parainfluenza. Puppies are also de-wormed on a bi-weekly schedule to prevent internal parasites.

Microchipped: Our puppies are like family to us, so we microchip each puppy and require our name to stay as a secondary emergency contact in order to prevent any of our dogs getting lost or ending up in a shelter.

Raised on a high-quality food: With the recommendation from our reproductive specialists, our mother dogs and puppies are fed Purina Pro Plan Performance food, which is a high quality AAFCO approved kibble that delivers complete nutrition and supports balanced growth!

Grooming:  Puppies are introduced to professional grooming through positive experiences with bathing, blow drying, nail clipping, brushing/combing, and more!

Training: Through the use of positive reinforcement training, puppies will go home introduced to bite control, litter training, and more! Litter training is a helpful tool to teach puppies the difference between their potty area and living/sleeping area, which helps transition into house training when you take home your pup!

LIFETIME Breeder Support: Regardless of age, I will be here for you and your Silver Lining Doodle! I am happy to provide you with any help I can in regards to answering questions, giving advice, or just being support as you welcome the exciting life of puppy paw-renthood.

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